About Huddersfield


Within the bounds of the old West Riding area of Yorkshire lies the town of Huddersfield, which is an ex-textile town that now seeks to make its name as both a tourist and retirement location.

Nestling, as it does, among the stunning Yorkshire dales and also near to the Peak District, Huddersfield is something of a magnet for ramblers.

In fact, one of the best spots from which to view the town is the imposing Castle Hill, which offers impressive views of the surrounding countryside and has a small Victorian folly on its summit - this image of the hill and its castle has achieved international fame as the logo of a successful New Zealand wine company.

For those nature-lovers, there is the Marsden Moor Estate - thousands of acres of moorland punctuated by crags, lakes and even some historical man-made relics.

The local network of canals can also be enjoyed from the relative comfort of a narrowboat.

The town wears its rich heritage like a badge of honour, it has more listed buildings than anywhere in the country except Bristol and the City of Westminster.

Other than Huddersfield's impressive station building which dominates St George's Square in the town centre, there are also historic landmarks, such as the 19th century St Peter's Church - known as Huddersfield Parish Church - and the Lindley Mill Clock-Tower, that are worth seeing.

Huddersfield can offer a range of retail experiences - from large shopping centres such as the Kingsgate to the town's open-air market, which sells high quality continental (primarily French) produce.

Much like most surrounding towns, Huddersfield has the customary obsession with Rugby League and can boast two professional clubs including the Huddersfield Giants, who ply their trade in the country's top division, the Superleague.